Academic Leadership: Effective leadership | Course
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  • Health universities in Vietnam are charged with training health officials to address the current and emerging health challenges in the country, which requires effective leadership. Effective leaders are expected to identify challenges and opportunities relevant to their organizations; to mobilize others to build common visions, strategic missions, core values appropriate for their organizations. Next, they are expected to inspire people to work hard to achieve these goals. Specifically, effective leaders should be champions of innovation, be able to build a culture that values diversity and inclusion, empower their staff to make change. Last but not least, they should be able to anticipate and manage resistance, maintain strategic focus, and encourage systems thinking and collaboration through effective communication and negotiation.
  • The proposed 9-month leadership course is designed to build the mentioned competencies for its eligible participants, who are current and rising leaders from health universities including university presidents, faculty deans, department heads, and leaders from the Vietnam Ministry of Health. The course covers three important domains in health university leadership:
    • (1) Overview of different higher health education systems.
    • (2) Organizational Management.
    • (3) Change Management.
  • The course is lectured in Vietnamese or English with simultaneous interpretation. All study materials are in English.


  • Session 1

  • January 15-17th, 2020
    • Identify challenges and/or opportunities are facing the institutions.
    • Analyze institition’s status quo including readiness for change
    • Create urgency for change.
    • Develop a personal action plan.

  • Session 2

  • March 13-14th, 2020
    • Manage conflict, negotiate and build alliance in leading change.
    • Create visions, missions and core values relevant to institutions.

  • Session 3

  • August 17-18th, 2020
    • Communicate to mobilize people to realize visions, missions and core values.
    • Promote learning culture for creativity, diversity and inclusion to sustain change.


Number of participants: 25 slots

Time: 3 sessions

    1. From 15/01/20120 – To 17/01/2020
    2. From 16/04/2020 – To 17/04/2020
    3. From 19/08/2020 – To 20/08/2020

Place: University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh City, 217 Hong Bang St., District 11, Ward 5, Ho Chi Minh City

Admission requirements: current and rising health university administrators, university board of directors, faculty (school) and department (vice) chairs/deans. Interested candidates please submit a Curriculum vitae and an application form which must include the followings:

    1. Describe why do you want to attend this course.
    2. Describe in detail a challenging case you have demonstrated your leadership.
    3. List the skills you would like to learn form the course.

Notice: Passing candidates will be interviewed online.

Tuition fee: 15,000,000 VND

Deadline of application: September 30th 2019


Leadership Course Application Announcement
Leadership Course Concept


  • We offer scholarships to worthy participants based on the cases they submit and their financial needs. 3 types of scholarships are available:
    • Full scholarship: 100% tuition fee, accommodation and flight tickets for 3 sessions of the course
    • Full tuition
    • Flight tickets for 3 sessions of the course


For further enquiries, please contact: